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Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain: Keeping Eyes Healthy in the Technological Age

In the modern world screens are everywhere. At work we stare at computers, during our lunch hours we stare at our phones, and when we get home we stare at our televisions. Our eyes were not designed to spend so much time staring at brightly lit screens and it is beginning to take its toll.

What is Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome?

Screens strain our eyes in a variety of ways. We tend to blink less, which can cause our eyes to dry out. We also tend to move our eyes more frequently, up to four times more than we normally do, causing extra strain on our eye muscles. Even the blue light, ubiquitous in the digital world, can damage our eyes. Within the blue band of light there is a particular colour called blue violet, which can cause retinal damage over time.

The Symptoms and Consequences of Digital Eye Strain

Though digital eye strain can result in dry eyes, blurry vision and eye fatigue spending too much time hunched over a screen can cause other problems as well. Computer vision syndrome puts strain on our necks and backs and the bright light of a screen can cause headaches. Some studies have also shown that digital eye strain can also negatively impact your productivity.

The Symptoms and Consequences of Digital Eye Strain

Recent studies have shown that myopia (nearsightedness) is on the rise in children across the globe. Some scientists believe this is because children are spending significant amounts of time in front of screens, whether they are phones, computers or handheld gaming consoles and not enough time outdoors. By making sure your child undergoes regular eye exams, you can make sure your child’s eyes stay happy and healthy.

How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

In the modern world screens are unavoidable, so it is unlikely you will be able to completely avoid straining your eyes. However, a few simple lifestyle changes are all it takes to reduce digital eye strain drastically.

Rest Your Eyes Regularly

This technique is often called the 20-20-20 rule. The basic premise is that every twenty minutes you should take a break from your screen for at least twenty seconds, and focus on an object that is at least twenty feet away.

This gives your eye muscles a chance to relax. Once you are done you are good to go for another twenty minutes.

Worried you might forget? Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself. Your eyes will thank you.

Ergonomics is more than fancy keyboards and specialized chairs. It’s about modifying your work environment to suit your needs. To help reduce digital eye strain ensure your monitor is arm’s length away from you and positioned to avoid glare.

When sitting at your desk keep your head, neck, and torso aligned in a straight line, and position your keyboard so that your elbows are relaxed and close to your body. Finally, adjust the height of your screen so that the top one third is at your eye level.

Computer glasses are made with specially formulated lenses that filter blue light and are an excellent way to reduce the impact of blue light on your eyes. A good pair of computer glasses will also have an anti-reflective coating, which further reduces strain on your eyes. Speak to one of our eye care professionals. We would be more than happy to help you determine if computer glasses are right for you.

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