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Warman, SK / (306) 242-4433

Contact Lens & Fittings

Your Eyes, Your Lifestyle: The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can offer you freedom from traditional eyeglasses. Whether you are looking to replace your glasses for daily activities or simply supplement them, contact lenses may be right for you and your lifestyle.

Contact Lens Eye Exams

Each pair of eyes is different and unique, which means one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for contact lenses. Finding lenses that are comfortable and meet your vision needs can be difficult, but we won’t let that stop us! Here at Warman Eyecare we are determined to find the right pair of contacts to suit your needs.

To best determine which lenses are right for you we offer contact lens eye exams, where we will calculate your current prescription to translate into a contact lens prescription and examine your eyes to make sure they are healthy and suitable for contact lens wear. Warman Eye Care is also proud to offer direct billing, making it easier than ever for you to pay for your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting

Once we have found the right prescription for you we will set out to find the right contact lenses for the job. You can choose from a variety of types to suit your needs and lifestyle including daily disposable, daily wear and extended wear.

Once we have found the right type of lenses for you we will teach you how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses and answer any questions you have. Warman Eye Care is also proud to offer direct billing, making it easier than ever for you to pay for your contact lenses.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your contact lens eye exam today!

Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses come in many formats. Here at Warman Eye Care we carry a large number of trusted contact lens brands. However, depending on your individual needs and lifestyle you may need speciality contact lenses. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you decide which type of contact lens is right for you.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Like multifocal eyeglasses, multifocal contact lenses offer multiple prescriptions in a single lens. These contact lenses can ensure you have clear vision at any distance. They are specifically designed for patients who have difficulty seeing objects far away but are also experiencing presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition associated with age where patients have trouble focusing on objects up close.

Toric contact lenses are designed for individuals with astigmatism. Astigmatism occurs when someone has an irregularly shaped cornea and therefore experiences blurriness at all distances. This can make vision correction more difficult because your prescription can vary across your cornea.

Toric lenses have varying prescriptions across the lenses, giving them the ability to counter corneal astigmatism and giving you crisp, clear vision. Toric lenses are designed to sit on your eye in a very particular way to ensure the prescriptions in the lens match up with the prescription of your eye. To make sure this happens these lenses must be carefully designed and fitted to ensure they stay in the correct position and do not rotate.

Patients with astigmatism also experience presbyopia as they age. Multifocal toric contact lenses work like standard toric lenses to correct distance vision while also correcting presbyopia, allowing for clear vision during close up activities like reading.

Some patients have difficulty wearing contact lenses because they have “hard-to-fit” eyes. While these patients have been told in the past they can’t wear contact lenses, scleral lenses have changed that. Scleral contact lenses are like ordinary lenses but with an increased surface area. They cover both the cornea (like standard lenses) and the sclera (the white portion of your eye), leading to increased stability by keeping the lens in place and minimizing slippage.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are designed from a rigid material that allows oxygen to pass through it. Because gas permeable contact lenses are sturdier than standard, soft contact lenses they also tend to last longer. Because of their rigidity, which allows them to maintain their shape even while you blink, some patients find that they experience clearer vision than with other types of contact lenses.

Visit Our Office

Warman Eyecare is worth the visit! Stop in to say hi, and to meet our staff. We’re down the street from the high school on Klassen Street and 6th Avenue, directly behind the Tim Hortons.

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